Many, many years ago, I climbed a 20,000-foot mountain peak in the Himalayas.  Afterwards, a fellow climber said to me, “You can cross that off your bucket list.” Problem is, I didn’t have a bucket list, so I made one. And I crossed off the first item on that list:


• Climb 20,000 ft mountain peak

Just before the pandemic started, I sold my company. And I crossed off that off my list:

• Run a company

There was only one thing left on my bucket list – be in a movie.  So I started acting classes, performed in a few plays and short films, and became infatuated with this method of telling stories (I have always been a storyteller).  I love creating and inhabiting characters that allow me to bring to life all my experiences: good relationships and a bad marriage; working as a commercial fisherman, farmhand, river raft guide, software developer, and global product manager in tech; teaching preschool, elementary school, and university; leading tours on three continents, living in China for a decade and learning Mandarin Chinese, traveling to over 50 countries; and of course, running a company and climbing tall mountains.  

• Be in a movie

Recently, I was in a feature film (and I crossed that off the list).  It was great, but it wasn’t enough.  I wanted more.  So I made a new bucket list, a list that would help me focus on making this next phase of my life about telling stories through characters. This year, I wrote, directed, and starred in a short film. I loved it!   When the film is released, I will cross that item off my new bucket list.  After that, I will move on to the next story and the next character, refining my craft and widening my audience.

Thanks for checking out my website.  If you like what you see – If you think I can help you tell your stories or want to explore stories we can tell together through film, please contact me.